Business Services

For many service providers, the current health situation has caused an increase in demand. Security guards, cleaning crews, delivery services and many others must cope with this increase in activity and ensure that they offer outstanding service, despite the current constraints.


Optimize the use of your workforce

Increase your team's productivity by making the best use of your available workforce. Fulfill a greater number of contracts while avoiding excessive hiring and overtime costs.

Ensure customer satisfaction

Ensure the satisfaction of your customers, past and present, by having a good visibility of available resources and by communicating the requirements of the shift directly to the employees.

Respect your union agreement

Guarantee the compliance of your schedules with software that integrates your business rules or collective agreement in addition to job requirements and employee qualifications.

Configure the software to reflect your reality

Facilitate knowledge transfer with easy-to-use software configured for your business.

Are you wondering if effectively managing schedules is a priority for your business? Calculate the real cost of your schedule management to get a better idea of your potential savings.

Save time on a daily basis

Reduce your schedule management time by 75% thanks to our various automated tools.

Empower employees

Automatically collect availability, absences and time worked via an employee self-service platform.

Communicate directly with your teams

Communicate effortlessly with your employees by automatically offering your vacant shifts to eligible employees via SMS, call, notification or email.

Guarantee the success of your contracts

Respect your clients' requirements with a software that takes into account the specifications of your contracts when creating the schedule and assigning shifts.

Services companies: the ultimate guide to workforce management

Through several years of working with service companies, we have collected many tips and tricks to help them improve the performance of their most important resource, their employees. 

Through this white paper, we will explain in more detail what workforce management software is and we will detail the benefits that a service company can obtain by using this type of software. We will then provide you with a list of questions that will help you determine if it would be beneficial for your company to upgrade its current tools.

Book an appointment with our team to discover how our software can be adapted to the reality of your service business.