Employees embracing new technologies


In an ever-changing environment, companies must sometimes adopt new technologies in order to remain competitive. These technologies can (and must!) positively influence productivity, communication and decision-making. To achieve these results, it is necessary to modify certain processes and change certain habits, which is a major challenge. As a manager, you cannot simply deploy technology and expect its immediate adoption. You have to consider the apprehensions of all stakeholders, especially employees, as Diane Bazire, Senior Business Advisor at BDC points out: "You have to try to understand what concerns them about the new technology's future use, and then address those issues." So here are some best practices that will make it easier for employees to become familiar with enterprise technologies.

Adopt a clear strategy

Begin by explaining the vision and purpose of the project to employees using language that is accessible to all, by simplifying overly technical terms for example, to avoid discouraging some from the start. In addition, by combining the benefits of the project with their reality, employees will be able to perceive the positive impacts that the adoption of this technology could have on their well-being at work.

In spite of clear communication, deep-rooted habits can be difficult to change. Some staff members may be resistant to change without your attention, so adopt an empathetic attitude by listening to their concerns while reminding them of the long-term benefits. Don't hesitate to set up information meetings or gather feedback from your employees through surveys, for example.

Encourage mutual help among colleagues

When integrating the new tool, quickly identify individuals who are more comfortable with technology. Then ask them to help those who have more difficulties and benefit from their positive influence in the workplace. This helps make the integration process more fluid while promoting active communication between colleagues. In addition, employees responsible for helping others will feel empowered and valued within the company.

Leveraging online resources

Use the resources developed specifically for your success, that's what they're there for! In fact, most technological processes have help guides available online to make it easier for everyone to understand. Give employees direct access to these resources so that they can familiarize themselves with the new tool at their own pace. Numerous videos, support articles, chat systems, webinars, case studies and blog articles are available to help you become fully comfortable with this new technology!

Applying the gamification principle

Another approach is to use gamification to make the learning process fun. Simply apply game principles: try to create friendly competition between the different teams or departments, set up quizzes, etc. The important thing is to create a light-hearted atmosphere so that employees will embrace the new technology without realizing it (or almost!).

In any case, stay attentive to your employees and open to rethink your different tactics and approaches so that all team members can move in the same direction!

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